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Please read this tutorial about how to create custom facebook login app.On the client side you can also customize login functionality.The class has to implement interface Mg RTC\Friendlist\Callable Interface and has to implement single function: If Mg RTC\Session\Auth Facebook2 active then this is required.Defines facebook app information of a custom app on Facebook platform.Inside examples section, check How to video If you need to read php session from websocket server there are a few important things you need to understand.

In order to run it you need to execute command from the linux shell.Here are a few topics which can help managing Video Chat PRO server side process.In order to run the process you have to enter folder If you want to customize client side while reusing built-in functionality of jquery plugin you can leverage advanced javascript scripting api. For more details please inspect source code of Friend-list adapter class name.Create standard html which should contain at least a container element for the video chat, ex How to video If you want to investigate if your existing hosting solution is capable of running chat server you can download this zip file.It contains minimal version of both client and server part so that you can inspect if you will be able to deploy full featured Video Chat server on a hosting platform.

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