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Yup, dogs are great “assets” towards picking up woman.Attraction isn’t a choice–but if you understand how having a dog is something that women are naturally attracted to, you can use a dog to your advantage!

Or Jaleel White’s famous words, “did I do thatttttt.” How how about Denise Richards making cameos on any and every TV show you can imagine?She continued to do what she does best and win us over with her thespian skills, as she starred in films, such as, Chicago (who knew she could sing?), the Ocean’s films, Red 2, The Terminal, and the second Zorro film, The Legend of Zorro – reprising her role as Elena de la Vega.You especially can’t go wrong with a lovable, playful Golden Retriever.Small toy dogs, like Pomeranians and chihuahuas, may be cute, but they don’t exactly make you look manly.

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