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During the course of a ramp check, the FAA inspector will ask to inspect/review a number of items.

If he or she is, ask to see his or her FAA Identification card.

Make sure the N−number on the certificate matches the N−number on the aircraft.

Also, if you are operating with a temporary certificate, remember that it is only valid for 120 days.

Personal Documents When you fly an aircraft, you must have certain personal documents in your possession.

Some of those items and how you produce them for the FAA inspector are discussed below. Much of it is information all pilots learned, or should have learned, when they learned how to fly.

Make sure the charts you have in the aircraft or your flight bag are current and appropriate to your flight.

This seems like a “no−brainer”, but you would be surprised how many pilots are flying with sectional charts that are several years old or instrument approach plates that are more than 56 days old.

This can raise potentially ugly issues not only with the FAA, but also with your insurance company if they question your currency at the time of the accident and deny coverage.

To avoid the insurance coverage issue, if you must bring your logbook with you I suggest you keep a photocopy ofyour logbook at home or in some other safe place.

Second, if you have your logbook with you and the inspector asks to review it, you will have to provide the entire logbook.

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