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We need to change the way we look at the length of education – since not all bodies cannot finish high school by the age of 18 (or 21). Considering this is not as much an “intelligence” issue (I hesitate because I do not like to promote intellectualism which I find further separates people) as much as a somatic one.

Which leads me to some new revelations for me as a mom: that Adam’s “voice” is a part of his growth.

On my yoga vacay, I met another dad with an Asperger’s son.

He too mentioned that his son ticks and these anxiety attacks, let’s call them for now, make it difficult to get back to schoolwork. So too, autistic autobiography reiterates the length of after sickness.

I am writing in these terms because when looking at sites or articles about autism, the terms and ways of thinking about intelligence and learning are so “matter-of-fact” or normalized that we forget about how other kinds of learning can take place. In essence, I’m trying to move away from a linear model of development and learning which doesn’t work for many people.

When the body has to spend so much time readjusting and becoming comfortable, the rest of the school work (at a desk in a chair…) has to be put aside.

It’s the end of the term…I need a long break and so does Adam.

His anxiety went up as soon as the clocks turned back.

For CBT, another boy character is inserted into social stories to take the attention away from Adam.I felt pressure in trying to help him, because let’s face it, screaming disturbs the peace. With it, Adam’s flight-fight prompts him to bolt when he sees pathways and stairwells.These are all the signs that had to be put into effect.By virtue of naming it so, it’s not the first time we have implemented it.Dad took Adam on a short vacation and this allowed me to have one too.

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