Women dating changing mind dating relationship advice for women

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You make all the other real women out there look bad. Of course, anyone would feel used if their partner strung them along.

Before we proceed, let’s be clear here: although this list was curated by men, I am a woman who is sharing what I learned with all of you other women out there.I got this point straight from my partner’s mouth, and as much as it hurt to hear, he’s right.Basically, he thinks that I’m not independent enough.Girls, the problem is that guys will take this the wrong way and think that you’re criticizing them—which, in a way, you are.He’ll think that because you’re not satisfied with him as a person, you have an ulterior motive for being with him and thus, are using him. Ladies, here’s a little secret: men are secretly divas inside, and want to be shown that you care about them.

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