Windy weather live wallpaper not updating

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For these simple and sublime reasons have I maintained the use of this app and live background.I can only look forward to the future of such features, by other app makers.One of Weather Underground's biggest differentiating factors is the option to contribute to the weather forecast.Weather Underground offers both "sky reports" and "hazard reports" as methods for crowd reporting.Weather Underground is packed with useful information and its charts are some of the best.

For more info, visit our Cookie Policy or use our Cookie Management Tool to manage your choices.If rainy or snowy the scene is coated with the various effects of the actual weather.These effects will intensify if the weather gets stronger.Sky report allows users to report on the accuracy on the current weather forecast in their current location with either a check for correct or x for incorrect.This addition can help improve the accuracy of the weather forecasts with real eyes in the skys to check their accuracy.

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