Who was big papa that kim was dating

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She also speaks briefly on Big Poppa’s wife, saying his wife knew about her. KIM ZOLCIAK: I spoke with her mom and texted her just to let her know I’m here. I got a commitment ring last year and so when I got this new ring, I was led to believe that his divorce was final.Below are excerpts from Kim’s new interview –ESSENCE. I was one of the first to find out and I called the other ladies. He was actually with Big Papa the night I got engaged. Who gives someone a massive rock and makes this commitment if he wasn’t serious?While Kim and her Biermann fam are still safely ensconced in the Atlanta condo Poppa purchased for her, Big Poppa was arrested in Fulton Co, GA on November 6.The charges are unknown and he was released on an undisclosed bail amount, according to TMZ. Various sources report Poppa was arrested twice in two days (once in Gwinnette County and once in Fulton) with the Nov 6th arrest possibly pertaining to "Failure To Appear." The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, KIm, was engaged to Big Poppa, who she said was a real estate mogul.The glorified house tour revealed that Big Poppa and his wife Kim (Najjar) have two separate televisions installed under the canopy of their king-size bed, that Lee bought his daughter Katelin the same white Range Rover he bought Kim Zolciak, and that he had his own room called the "gentleman's pub."Was Kim Zolciak's sugar daddy arrested?

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We were able to put all our stuff on the back burner and come together for Kandi. He was a great father and he was great with Riley [Kandi’s 7-year-old daughter] and he loved Kandi. I’m really proud of the wigs, so by December people will be able to do pre-orders and we can send them out by January. If there is one thing I have discovered about myself from doing this show it is that I’m just far too trusting. I have no desire to have anything further with him.That is when I realized that she was one of the ladies who was going to make the show a success and I found her to be extremely captivating.Not only did she bring a unique perspective to her cast, but she was really an individual in the most general sense.Najjar, one of several local real estate investors tested by the changing economic times, has defaulted on at least million in bank loans, according to court records and other public documents obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.In the past two years, he’s lost a half-dozen shopping centers to foreclosure, including Union Station Mall, which was one of his largest assets.

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