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287,880 (55%) made less than 0k 431,940 (82%) made less than 0k Connecticut 370,530 households had a capital gains filing.

185,720 (50%) made less than 0k 283,540 (77%) made less than 0k Delaware 74,220 households had a capital gains filing. Texas (6.7%) In a recent tweet, President Donald Trump asked whether indexing capital gains taxes to inflation, an idea he has previously supported, is an “idea liked by many.” There is significant support for indexing capital gains taxes to inflation including almost two dozen Senators, the Vice President, the President’s Chief Economic Advisor, conservative leaders, and business groups.

Take Virginia’s disgraced ex-governor Bob Mc Donnell.

When he ran for governor in 2009, he said, “I’ve been a firm believer that I’m gonna tell you exactly what I think…

In his bid to secure the Republican nomination he has refused to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to Minnesota voters.

The Hennepin County Commissioner stated, “I’ve never voted for a tax increase…

82% (19,695,490) of capital gains households made less than 0,000.

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He signed the largest tax increase in Virginia history into law during his final year in office. He should be careful that this does not become his “Read my lips moment.” It would be easier to believe that his reforms would be revenue neutral if he allowed taxpayers to have it in writing. Johnson is unacquainted with the political realities of tax hikes.26,830 (53%) made less than 0k 42,000 (83%) made less than 0k Arizona 468,470 households had a capital gains filing.280,680 (60%) made less than 0k 398,060 (85%) made less than 0k Arkansas 149,030 households had a capital gains filing.And the father of all politicians who thought they could play fast and loose with their campaign promises, George Bush Sr.Not even a president is exempt from keeping his word.

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