Who is alison lohman dating

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She has also worked with celebrities such as Ewan Mc Gregor and Justin Long.Read Also: Scottish actor Ewan Mc Gregor snapped on the roof shooting the new Trainspotting movie The duo is also blessed with two children, Billy Lohman born in .The film told such a fun horror story and I’ve always wanted to see a sequel to it, but unfortunately it didn’t really do that well at the box office.I always thought that this film could awesomely cross over with the Evil Dead franchise.

One of my favorite Sam Raimi movies was his 2009 horror thriller Drag Me To Hell, which starred Alison Lohman and Justin Long.

Alison Marion Lohman was born on September 18, 1979, in Palm Springs, California.

Her mother, Diane Lohman is a patisserie owner and her father, Gary Lohman is a Minnesota-born architect.

Alison Lohman was born in Palm Springs, California, to Diane (Dunham), a patisserie owner, and Gary Lohman, an architect.

She grew up in a family with no showbiz connections but she always wanted to perform.

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