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I can't say I have a problem with this; I don't want my kid to look like a thug or ho, either.

I also have a release sheet I have to sign agreeing to let my daughter on the Internet; the school uses filters but "determined users" might be able to get past them -- i.e., anyone who know how to get into the preferences and turn off the filters.

Athena's excited about school, which is what you hope for, and I think she's very much looking forward to meeting some kids her age here in town; most of her friends are from other towns, thanks to her preschool, which pulls in kids from all over the local area.

Academically, I don't know what kindergarten is going to do for her, since their goals for the year are to get kids started on reading and numbers, and Athena already reads and can add and subtract.

ET: A spokesperson for the Fire Department of New York told Buzz Feed News that the FDNY has reviewed the posts made on the 4chan message board about the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility on Saturday morning.

The user then reportedly posted five follow-up messages in response to questions about the original post.

Those message included details about the efforts to revive Epstein, raising questions about the possibility that the poster had intimate knowledge of the circumstances, and may have been a first responder themselves.

I believe in letting my daughter explore online, but on the other hand, I'm not stupid, either.

As it happens, this year is the first year Bradford had shifted to all-day kindergarten, meaning they stick around for the entire school day, and not the half day I did when I was a kid.

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