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Venezuelan people, are disorganized, and in some cases very unpunctual.

Nowadays, Venezuela is very related with the baseball, this is because we have a very strong baseball team, and in the aspects of football (soccer), we are not that recognized.

It is important to mention, that, as well as with the American Stereotypes, in Venezuela they have a lot of people, from very different cultures that has different thoughts about life and so different backgrounds, and may be, are not as the common stereotypes.

Some generalization about Venezuelans could be that we usually do not follow the rules, for example in the streets, and driving.

Remember, it’s just a stereotype, doesn’t have to be right, and please don’t get emotional over stereotype.

Simon Diaz is a very important singer on Venezuela that represents them as a country. He sings a typical type of music in Venezuela called “Musica Llanera”.

Even, if I met a few venezuelans , I decided to google it and discover what the world thinks about venezuelans.

On the 16th anniversary the best gift for Venezuelan girl is considered an operation to put implants in the breast and thighs.Basically, many women are little obese with the forms. No one in Venezuela hesitate to take advantage of paid love. For 20 years, many women already give birth to two children.The streets are full of gays, transvestites, which can be easily distinguished by appearance. But if you want there are a lot of specific places where you can easily find a girl for the night. By the way, Venezuelans often do not marry and do not create a family. When mother is 30 years old, these children are old enough, and a woman can continue having rest. Or the father is local malandro who goes shooting and getting the money in this way.Still, this is Cuba, spicy island of the Caribbean and you can always follow suit and adopt the other guests’ habit of self-love – all under the watchful gaze of those voyeuristic guards…How different is Caracas from the other Venezuelan cities? More unusual was initially that it always gets dark at six o’clock in the evening during any season. It seems they do not care of anything: about money, about work, they do not want anything. Something happened, and they have fiesta, and they stop working.

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