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For the stake of simplicity, I’m not adding in delegator rewards to this initial analysis.

My main confusion has to do with how often rewards accrue.

Such an approach, however, won’t be optimal for the brand and product portfolio – navigating a landscape of ROI, short term vs long term, the need for market innovations, the need to sell manufactured goods, and reacting to competitor’s activities would all become too complex for a zero-based approach, which won’t satisfy various stakeholders.

Whichever way you look at it, identifying and focusing on the opportunities for your brand is at the heart of growing your business.

I understand that the reward rate would be anywhere from about 7-20%, based on how many total ATOMs are being staked.

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Some of the variables are obvious: the total amount being staked, as well as the price of ATOM once the platform is live.

Hi all - I’m planning on setting up a potential validator node for Cosmos, and am also participating in GOS.

While things seem very clear on most fronts, I’m still uncertain on a few variables that will determine whether this would make economic sense.

Such clear statements of fact would also help investors and desired third-party raters/rankers/researchers/stakeholders appreciate your company’s demonstrated ESG/Sustainability commitment and efforts even more.

The consumer journey can be a long and winding road - one that gets increasingly difficult for marketers to navigate every year.

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