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You will need to edit a startup configuration file of each PO and at the end add new switch: -- Enable Tcp Soap Slap After that you will need to restart POA.

Make also sure that a firewall is opened for TCP communication on port 8500 (slap port defined in file) so TCP slaps from POA will reach Web Access which typically sits in DMZ.

Therefore it has been reintroduced to support sending slaps via TCP.

Each user could have the calendars of all the courses they are enrolled in layered onto their calendar.

That way they will have all the relevant Moodle dates visible in their calendar but can also add any events of their own.

However I am not aware of any work towards it having taken place.

I would like to find some other Moodlers who would like to see a calendar in Moodle and would like to start collaborating on this little project.

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