Updating window weight pocket

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In the summer months, by lowering the top sash and raising the bottom sash, an airflow is created in which hot air can vent through the top sash and cool air can enter through the bottom sash, thereby eliminating the need for air conditioning.This system required the home owner to swap out the screens and storms twice per year.A much better choice is to get your old windows working properly.Once this has been achieved, your house will be well insulated and you will maintain the architectural integrity of your home.At one point your double-hung windows were a brilliant solution providing insulation, ventilation, and beauty.This system consisted of a bottom sash that raised, and a top sash the lowered both using counter weights hidden in pockets to balance the window weight.This system also consisted of exterior storm and screen windows made of wood.

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When a new window fails (and they often do) the whole contraption needs to be removed and a new one installed. ) Your old windows are build from pieces that can be dismantled and reassembled. Other companies don’t have the time or skill to fix your old windows so they want to sell you a whole new package that they can slap in and walk away from.

(Many people don’t even know their top sashes are supposed to move!

) Unfortunately, many of these old storms are still in place today A lot of our old houses have their original window sills and casings wrapped in aluminum.

At a certain point many home owners got tired of this chore.

The “solution” to swapping out the screens for storms was to install a combination storm and screen window.

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