Updating nvidia drivers debian

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You can quickly check if you can install a newer version for a package with the following command: In this case you can see that Nvidia’s proprietary driver version 384 is available in Debian’s regular repository.

A superior version, 390, is available in backports.

This may be the case with a new video card you bought that doesn’t work without the latest driver.

For such situations, Debian has a special repository where you can upgrade certain pieces of software that you absolutely need to have.

Here’s how Debian’s official backports webpage describes what back-porting means: Note: in this example the codename is “stretch.” If at the time you read this the codename is different, for example “buster,” replace every occurence where you see “stretch” with “buster.”Debian’s APT package manager stores the list of repositories where it can download software in a file.

View and edit this file with the following command:”Your APT sources list might not include the words “contrib” and “non-free.” In this case it means you don’t have some packages available.

updating nvidia drivers debian-7

It helps a lot, especially if you enable automatic upgrades.This way, no new bugs get introduced, and the distribution can remain “stable.” To be stable means that what worked in a certain way one year ago will work exactly the same way next year on the same version of Debian.The advantage is that you get an operating system that (almost) never “breaks.” You can pull in the latest security fixes, and rest assured that your laptop or computer will work just fine the next day.Debian’s list of backported packages can also help you check if a package has a backport available.Remember to adjust the URL in the future with the codename of your current Debian release.

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