Tribal wars self updating maps

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Eventually it will be time to make an attack on any villages holding secrets your tribe does not yet control.

To win the game a tribe must hold a full set of secrets.

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So you've built up your troops, nobled your enemies, joined a powerful tribe and are the terror of smaller players everywhere. At a set time in the game, "Secrets of Power" will appear in barbarian villages all over the map.If a tribe retains control of a whole set for the countdown period, it will win the game.Note that only the set counts: If a tribe has more than one copy of a secret, it is sufficient for that tribe to retain control of one instance of this secret to retain completeness of the full set and thus win the game.You gain control of a secret when you conquer the village where it is currently stored (indicated by a special flag icon on the main map) or the secret is moved into one of your villages.Unlike troops, a secret can only move a small number of fields at a time.

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