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July - l905 emulate him should be kindled in that mind?

is it any wonder that the ambition to io The American Geologist.

The Denison Scientific Association held a special mem- orial service at which Prof. He might have been a great teacher even without this power, as others have been ; with it his success was assured and eminence certain with favorable conditions.

All his in- tellectual life was given to the abstruse problems of science, and his achievements should place him among the savants of the opening century." In Ohio "The Granville Times" and "The Denisonian" the weekly college paper, both published portraits and ex- tended articles concerning him and his life work. Contact with him in class room, laboratory or household seemed equally efficient for propa- gating the germ of personal investigation.

During his last year there was an obvious failing of physical strength so that long field trips had to be abandoned. So that before his death much of the philosophical correlation of which mention was made in his early life, was effected.

He was not one to tell how much midnight oil he burned or in any way indicate the intensity of his labors, but both their quality and quantity compelled our attention and we watched and found that he rarely spent an idle minute. Tables for the Determination of the principal Rock-Forming Minerals.

Secondly, his remarkable industry emphasized the effect of his sincere devotion to science.

For years he labored under the discouragements of disease, but he held out gal- lantly in the prosecution of his chosen work. It is no mere accident that both his brothers, his wife's brother, his only son and a large proportion of his students have caught the spirit of original research and made important contributions to the fund of new knowledge. List of the Fresh Water and Marine Crustacea of Alabama, with Descriptions of the New Species and Synop- tical Keys for Identification.

Three commonwealths feel the influence of his versatile brain; three universities honor his memory. I have never known an enthusiasm so contagious as his. Contribution to the Fauna of the Gulf of Mexico and the South.

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