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His character, Pete Ross, was abruptly written out of the show despite his importance to the hero’s comic book origins, leaving many fans to scratch their heads.In subsequent years, other key characters also departed the show one-by-one including Annette O’Toole, John Glover and Shawn Ashmore.“When you’re out in the freezing rains of Vancouver and there’s rain towers, you know…it’s clear that the situation hasn’t been planned the way it should.”Rosenbaum chimed in: “And, you are driving an hour to a location at in the morning with one eye open. Apa was in a late-night crash after a 16-hour shoot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Amy Adams, Ian Somerhalder, Cory Monteith, Cobie Smulders, Tyler Posey and Lizzy Caplan all had cameos on the show.Justin Hartley, who joined the show toward the end of its run, played Oliver Queen (a.k.a. He is now on the highly popular NBC drama “This Is Us,” which continues to garner Emmy attention.

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Other members of the core cast have struggled to land major roles since the show wrapped as well.“There were moments where I just didn’t know what the f--- I was doing.I liked my scenes with Tom Welling, but I felt like the show was, for me, done when I left in season 7.”And it wasn't just the stars that said goodbye to the series. When the famed actor died in 2004, producers wanted Kidder to reprise her guest role as Bridgette Crosby to reveal Swann’s death.“I thought it was quite exploitive and I said so, but they (the producers) didn't see it that way.Many of the stars were novice actors thrust into the limelight with a role on the TV show. In Gough’s opinion, it was Welling that helped steer the ship through difficult storms in the early days.“When you’re number one on the call sheet, you’re a de facto leader. Tom really fell into that leadership role,” he said. The show represents, to him, a 10-year hiatus in his life where he was overworked and separated from his friends and family.“I spent 10 years where my life was 6 a.m. In an interview for co-star Rosenbaum’s podcast last year, the duo discussed hard days in the freezing Vancouver rain and having to drive themselves an hour to the set each morning, going on very little sleep.Welling, specifically, had moved to Los Angeles only to immediately get cast as Clark, prompting an abrupt move to Canada for the show's run from 2001 to 2011."We were in Vancouver, and I’ll say this, as close as Vancouver is to L. You’re still in a different country,” said Gough, who now acts as showrunner for the AMC series "Into the Badlands."He recalled how the cast struggled to adjust to living in Canada during their first Thanksgiving on location and decided to all have a meal together to celebrate the U. Welling revealed that, unbeknownst to him, his fellow cast members insisted that producers get him a driver to avoid any potential car accidents.“I remember you being like, ‘Dude, it’s not supposed to be like this,” Welling told Rosenbaum during the September 2017 chat.

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