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I asked why they were doing the reinstall when Dan and [redacted] agreed the awning company should do it and there was no answer.I was outside during some of the reinstall and at one point one of the crew asked if it looked level, I couldn't tell.Then send us your proof of graduate or faculty status by postal mail, fax, or by email.

card with my cell phone number which she used a few times, we have a message into [redacted] to meet with her so we can get this resolved.thank you Pat We have reached out to [redacted] and we are finishing up the remaining punch list items remaining on his contract.It is not my job to know how an awning should be leveled.That is because I have zero knowledge or skill in construction.You can share your problems with someone you trust totally, without fear of being judged.In fact, Internet dating services are not only great for meeting potential mates, but ideal for meeting new friends at all.

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