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Hi Margaret, Just a quick note to thank you for the opportunity to attend the training session on dealing with conflict in the workplace.As a conflict-averse person, I thought the training would help sharpen my conflict resolution skills, and it did.Again, I can't express how much the organization appreciates your efforts on our behalf.Best, Brian Hello Paula, Thanks for your help in hosting our first-ever weekend training sessions.

A much-deserved day off will give you the chance to get all those weekend errands done that you couldn't get to because of work. I can't believe that you have the energy to set up this event for 100 people each year.The staff feedback was that they got some new ideas from your sales group's approach to identifying potential customers.Now that Julia is returning from leave, I hope that you spend a few days with her to update her about anything important that occurred during the past twelve weeks.She'll be returning next Monday and working part-time for the first few weeks, but her staff will report to her beginning Monday.I trust that you will make this transition as smooth for everyone as you did when you took over Julia's staff leadership role during her absence.

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