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We are looking forward to meeting you, and if you are detained, let us know as we charge NO-SHOW FEE of 400 DKK if no cancellation is reported.

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I am trying to set up an app that will be able to check people's locations in the background, see if they are at a given location, and send a ping to a server if they are. In that case, the only user interaction that remains being synchronized is providing a password. Open Archive; if not Terminated then begin Zip Forge. Terminate; end; end; end; As explained, with Synchronize you deliberately execute code in the main thread, hence it seems to be frozen during the extraction process. One which could be eliminated by creating the Zip Forge component @runtime in your thread. Edit: Not all code of the VCL is thread unsafe, and it is not said that every call from within a secundary thread to a main thread control, component or variable is dangerous, but it is good practice to prevent it.It should not expect notifications more frequently than once every five minutes.If the device is able to retrieve data from the network, the location manager is much more likely to deliver notifications in a timely manner.

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