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ALTER PROCEDURE users_Update Faculty @EMAIL NVARCHAR(100), @ISLOCKEDOUT BIT, @MOBILENUMBER BIGINT, @USERNAME nvarchar(100) AS BEGIN UPDATE aspnet_Users SET [email protected] where [email protected] UPDATE ASPNET_MEMBERSHIP SET EMAIL = @EMAIL, LOWEREDEMAIL = LOWER(@EMAIL), [email protected] WHERE USERID = (SELECT USERID FROM ASPNET_USERS WHERE [email protected]) END Found the solution: The Select Columns and the Update Parameters should match in order to update using Sql Data Source, that means if you select(query or procedure) is returning 3 fields in gridview, then all of them should be the parameter for the update, you can miss out the actual updations in database if not required, but the I dont think your solution is OK, since I have to use the atribute Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" that means that I would have doble parameters, the ones with the original values and the ones with edited values. I have 4 parameters, Im getting the right values for 2 of them, an null at the others. Read this: The order of the parameters in the Update Parameters collection might be important, depending on the ADO. This will remove all controls in all the template fields.

It doesn't make sense in my head but since I am not totally accustomed to I'd rather clarify this first.

Depending on whether my Update Parameter is a Parameter or a Control Parameter I run into two different errors.

You can see the current code below (the Grid View is the same in both cases) I perfectly understand what both errors mean but I cannot find a solution to any of those options.

An example of this would be an output parameter that returns a value automatically generated by the data source such as an auto-incrementing primary key or a date-time stamp.

providers that do not support named parameters in SQL statements and instead use the '? In those cases you should define parameters in the order specified in the associated SQL statement.

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