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The fake adult verification site lures are a little more sophisticated. It sends provocative pictures and texts, offers to meet to have sex, but asks the victim to confirm his identity with a paid service first.

In spite of my best efforts to determine if the chatbot was vegetarian, I did not receive an answer.

The most common are the fake adult dating site, the fake adult verification site, and the fake sex worker.

The fake adult dating site has a pretty simple lure.

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The 2.0 website is smart enough to look up the geolocation of the IP address of the person visiting and make it look as if Marcy provides services there.

[Warning, disabled links in this post may contain nudity or other adult content.] The landing page ask you to sign up with an email address, and once the address is confirmed you receive instant messages on the site, purportedly to be from members who want to chat to you.

However, to receive the messages you have to sign up for a paid service.

In email, they often take the form of relationship fraud, where a confidence trickster may assume a fake persona and spend months or years building up an online relationship with a victim before asking for a large sum of money for plane tickets or a family emergency.

Sending SMS messages in bulk requires a larger investment than sending emails, so SMS sex scams are geared to achieve a faster return on investment.

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