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The stories bought into the explanations offered up in the papers—that the effect makes sense because we associate red with passion, something that might have evolutionary roots, since people flush when they’re angry. ) They often included suggestions to wear the color in specific situations, such as your dating app profile.For years, the literature continued to grow with more studies supporting the red-romance effect.This study repeated the strongest experiment from Elliot’s 2008 paper as closely as possible, having university students and online participants rate the same photos. The small numbers are one problem—many of the initial studies contained inadequate sample sizes, according to Calin-Jageman.

The Internet has made it remarkably cheap and easy to search for anything your heart may desire.

Mostly this has made the world a better, more efficient place: Sellers looking to unload the junk in their grandmother’s attic can easily locate those buyers who value that junk as treasure.

But access to everything you might want isn’t always a good thing; too much choice can have a negative effect. Internet dating has made it a bit too easy to keep playing the field, always looking for better options.

What’s been less reported is that the red-romance effect has been under scrutiny right from its early days.

Now, after several follow-up studies, it seems likely that it does not hold up at all.

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