Silverlight dependency property not updating local latino dating

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The relay object contains a public event which raises when the value changes.

I’ve put the implementation details into a It is not possible to listen for dependency property values which are inherited like the Font Size, Data Context and Font Family properties so far.

Many dependency property classes already have default metadata established as part of their registration process.

This includes the dependency properties that are part of the WPF API.

In order to get a workaround I found a solution in which I get notified with help of the binding system.

This is quite easy in WPF: does exist in Silverlight.

public static readonly Dependency Property On Or Off Dependency Property = Dependency Property.

Register(“On Or Off”, typeof (On Off), typeof (Some Custom Control), new Property Metadata(-1, On Property Changed Callback)); Running the app like this will cause an exception, since it cannot convert the –1 to the On Off enum.

A class that inherits the dependency property through its class inheritance can override the original metadata so that the characteristics of the property that can be altered through metadata will match any subclass-specific requirements.

Overriding metadata on a dependency property must be done prior to that property being placed in use by the property system (this equates to the time that specific instances of objects that register the property are instantiated).

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