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130 years of history is at the root of our strong foundation building high quality instruments.

It is this background that inspires us to create instruments for you and we hope you experience the exceptional value, playability and voice that is Washburn.

With the onset of the 1970’s, Washburn releases the Wing series, our first electric models.

The Wing series continues the Washburn standard by delivering a show quality instrument at a home artist price.

From rock, metal, country, bluegrass and jazz, there is a Washburn electric guitar that will fit you and your style perfectly and grow with you as you develop your style and technique. 9861 000 PR-2 (a build in tubeamp for a turntable) Serial no. It's only been a couple of weeks, and I dare say most Thorens owners don't drop in here that often. Maybe we should give the thread a bump every now and then to make sure it's visible. As far as I know, H&R and NEF both offered the single shot shotguns as they are owned by the same parent company.They were only made under H&R brand for 2 years (1941 & 1942) before being sold to Sears, thereafter made by High Standard as I understand it. George Washburn begins a legacy of greatness with the first Washburn stringed instruments, bringing quality instruments priced for home musicians.

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