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With the introduction of a Power BI web part (and the embed code) we can now also integrate these Power BI assets in our Share Point sites.In this blog post we will cover how to: Well we have a clever workaround to make your Share Point data available as an additional direct query data source To set up direct query for Share Point lists and libraries and to embed the report in Share Point Onlie you will need the following: First of all we’ll configure a replication using the SQList service to synch our Share Point list to SQL Azure.For more information, see Create and distribute an app in Power BI.Alternatively, you can grant users access to your report by doing the following.Enter the details of the Share Point Online site (could also be onprem), username and password and test the connection Click Next Next enter the details of the SQL Azure database and test the connection (ensure that your SQL Azure firewall rules allow access from the machine that SQList is running on) Click next Select “Export the lists and libraries from this site only” since we are only exporting one list You will now see all the lists in the site we have selected.We are going to select the “Axioworks Sales” list which contains 8414 rows Click Next and click finish The SQList service will now start and will begin to synchronise the Share Point list data with SQL Azure.

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Your report may not load within the Power BI (Preview) web part and may show the following message.Essentially, you need to tell which columns in Share Point will hold MS Project information once you click the sync button.We had a request from one of our clients to check why the Site Usage report stopped updating for 2 months now. well let me just tell you that the Sharepoint Services Search and Timer were stopped!!!When we started to check for causes we tried to check if the configurations were still set, then we tried to check the services and . Well, this happened because the system administrator of this client changed the password of the MOSS admin. There are other situations this can happen, check for this solution from Patrick Ige on this.So the solution was simple, just updated the identity information on the services and started them .

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