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Not that it has anything to do with you, but more importantly it is a flaw in his own character.A flaw that is exploited by what he has been told on a regular basis by his male counterparts and society.The only unhappy party in this equation is the adult toy industry since you’ll have little need for that device you’ve hidden away in the closet in that shoe box. Jumping into another woman’s bed will be the last thing on his mind ever, because there is something else that is said that you may have never heard. It also has falsely led women to believe that men are oversexed.

So yeah, if he cheated on you very quickly, or you discovered he had another girlfriend while you were just starting out you should now know he wasn’t all in as far as being in an exclusive relationship with you. Later yeah, if the relationship goes into routine mode and he becomes listless, he is more ample to stray.

Do you really believe that the only thing men want is sex?

If you do and you still have a man in your life, what exactly does that say about you?

When you get these urges which I am sure occur on a weekly basis, act on them with your man.

Don’t wait until he wants you, let him know that not only do you want him but you need him to fulfill your needs as well. Eventually you and he will become balanced in the bedroom.

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