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He had an older brother, Robert, and two younger sisters, Margaret and Mary.Thornburg was raised in a devoutly religious family, but as he grew up he became disenchanted with religion.Doug Thornburg explained, "It was important to Dad that his characters be believable, just regular guys.He based a lot of his characters on people he met" (Dougherty interview).

He and Karin had three children: Kristen "Kris" (b. Art is the only way really to express yourself, without commercial or even social considerations" (Cornwell).

Instead they end up in Southwestern Missouri and find "the dark rages of the hill country" (.

Published in 1976, the book features Thornburg's trademark cynicism and pessimism, and it follows a theme in many of his books of an average person getting caught up in a crime.

When he worked on his wife's brother's farm in the 1950s he discovered he had a taste for ranching. He bought a small herd of Black Angus cattle and embarked on what he thought would be the life of a "gentleman farmer" (Dougherty interview). After having lived most of his life in the North and several years in California, he was caught off guard by what he saw as "primitive" rural Missouri (Cornwell).

Since then he'd had a dream to buy a ranch and get back to the land with his family. Thornburg bought 60 acres near the tiny community of Jane, Missouri, just barely north of the Arkansas state line on U. He learned in a hurry, and he didn't make the mistake that many coming from the West Coast would and assume that his new neighbors were all dumb hicks.

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