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In 19, the upper level of the sanctuary was extended to cover the new basement.

In 1986, a full basement, located directly behind the original sanctuary, was added.

In addition to the services offered, the church is also involved in other ministries. A full basement was added and the exterior bricked. The house for¬ merly owned by Shirley Mc Murray was bought and also moved to the new church lot. Among the probable first members of this church, in addition to the Rev. This was a crude structure, with a huge fireplace occupying one end of the building. Cunningham, Arthur Harpold, known as “the little preacher,” “Dutch” Guthrie, Arnett Wyatt, Basil Pursley, John S.

Over the years, the number of services and the types of services have changed, and as the Lord directs, we expect additional changes in the future. Church In 1965, the State Road Commission took the entire church lot in the construction of Interstate 77. The interior of the church was completely remodeled. The trustees were Bernard Finley, Fred Divers, Charles Sebert, W. In 1989, the church is on a charge with Wilding, Beech Grove, Lockhart and Drift Run. The current trustees are Charles Mc Kay, Debbie Boggs, Earl Thompson, Robert Boggs, Zelma Meadows and Everett Crow. The first trustees were: William Grandon, Wesley Martin, J. The church was officially organized as the Sinaiville Methodist Protestant Church, in 1840. Later, a little log church, which also served as a schoolhouse, was built.

These seats were rough plank laid on trussels made of logs split in two, round side down with legs on under side. I can remember my little body got awful tired as my feet would not touch the floor. Church (South), 1900 The seats in the back of the building were cross-wise, made same as the front seats. There were pins put in the logs to hold a plank for a desk so the children could learn to write on the window side. I can remember when this Church belonged to what was called the Mason Mission. full gospel church and today that descrip¬ tion is still accurate.

The seats on each side of the pulpit were made lengthwise of the house — one length of lumber 12 feet long. the con¬ tract of building the new church for 0.00. Until this building was built, the people had their services at people’s homes, I have 49 been told long ago. King in 1953 at age 88.) Submitted by Ada Ruth Sayre OPEN BIBLE CHURCH Under the leadership and direction of Jesus Christ. It was started as an independent, inter-denomina¬ tional.

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Therefore, as we look back at the past and forward to the future, we recognize our depen¬ dency upon our Father God and like the Apostle Paul we press on. In 1989, those trustees were Adrian Parsons, Geral¬ dine Parsons, Golden Raines, Charldean Cunning¬ ham Hutchison, and Hazel Sayre Johnson. came to assist his father, serving as Assistant Pastor and Principal of HCA for about five years. However, the events of eternal significance are fully known only by God and are recorded in heaven. In 1986, the building was purchased from the United Methodist Church Conference (the E. The Otterbein Memorial Cemetery Corporation now has a Board of Trustees that is responsible for the upkeep of the church building and cemetery. This history has provided one with some facts and figures related to events at Open Bible Church. Also called Watts Chapel, it was located about four miles from Medina, in Grant District, near the Little Sandy Road. After singing the hymn “The Crowning Day,” the house was solemnly given to God. Let us thank God and take courage.” Those who were instru¬ mental in building the church were Sayres, Staats, Hunts, Crows, Stewarts, Harpolds, Mc Kowns, Norrises, Witherows, Greers, Kings, Mc Intyres, Castos and Cunninghams. and Methodists having joined denominations in 1969) by friends and community residents who repaired the building to its present condition. On Sunday night there are services and once a year for a period of three months there is a class offered before the evening service on Bible foundational truths. In 1904, the following names were added to the records: Jule Coen; Etta and Nellie Stallings; Emma Grandon and Grace Shepard. Submitted by Rex Stallings SINAIVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Our church, the Sinaiville United Methodist Church, is one of the oldest church congregations in Jackson County. Parsons, “Little Joe” Hatcher, George Mc Cline, and Wayne Hinzman, our longtime, present “brin- ger of the good word.” The church is now a member of the East Jackson County Circuit. Episco¬ pal churches in West Virginia were still under the Diocese of Bishop Mead of Virginia, too far away to be interested in giving financial help. and Amanda Merydith and also from Solomon and Martha Allen for a Methodist Protestant Church. Tradition says that the church was named for Temperance Anderson, wife of Rev. Ministers at Temperance include: Ben Simmer, Lawrence Loudin, Cecil Cottrill, Alexander Hersh- man, Robert Martin, Sylvester Bennett, Joseph Cunningham, Thomas Spiker, John B. Sam Yoho, Ira Allen, Elsa Hartley, Tillic Allen, Jennie 55 Temperance Chapel Allen. On Sunday morning, there is a worship service and classes for all ages. Church and Cemetery Records show the following people attended the Simpson Church in the 1890s: John, Eliza, Frank, Josephene, George, Hannah, Ida, Lusa, Nancy and A1 verson Martin; William, Matilda, Charles, Hattie and Laura Stallings; John and Trephina Smith; John, Minnie, Lillia, Katie and Laura Beaty; Anna Wiegle; Jessa Brown; William, Mary, Robert, Abraham, Hattie, Lucy and Anna Burditt; George, Cary, Bertha and Elizabeth Caltrider; James, Oliver and Dianna Caruthers; John, Hester, William, Cora and Eliza Karr; Sarah Groves; Eva Hartley; Eliza¬ beth Moore, Jacob, Mary, and Rebecca Brown; David, John and Tebitha Kester; George Steel; Vida Archer; Eliza Rogers; Ida Thompson; Alfred, Charles, Fannie and Annie Pepper; Nathan Ander¬ son; Eva Franklin; George and Missouri Mills; Matilda Miihlbach; Annie Trendle; Swane and May Lcmley. Those attending the Simpson Church before it closed were: Rex and Daina Stallings, Davis and Maude Seals, Clarence and Goldie Stallings and May Lemley. Mainly, they were pro¬ fessional people but they had little money.

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