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The present Maryland flag is based upon the yellow and black Calvert coat of arms, quartered with the red and white of Crossland, the arms of wife of an early Calvert.The colony was ruled through governors appointed by Calvert, such as Horatio Sharpe and Robert Eden.

It would have been impractical to have carried a large oil between her homes.It appears to state; "J Leverton - Carver, Gilder, Picture Frame Maker - Figures Bronzed - 13 Jubilee St, Pymouth - Drawings and Prints Varnished - Oil Paintings Cleaned - Window Corners (? The carved and gilded frame therefore fits with the presumed date for the miniature of 1843.It is likely the portrait was a personal possession of the 4th Earl's widow, perhaps to be carried with when she travelled by coach or rail between her various homes.Henry Harford’s claim to Maryland was exploited for years after his death in 1834.The latest major case was the United States Supreme Court case Morris v.

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