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Viktor Krum, who arrived with the Durmstrang delegation, and has been chosen as their Champion in the Tournament, seems to appear in the library whenever Hermione is there.

It is early in this term that the abortive duel between Harry and Draco Malfoy results in Hermione's already big teeth being dramatically over-enlarged by a stray curse.

When we see her in the Hospital Wing, Ron seems more deeply affected than Harry.

Hermione is somehow managing to take twelve subjects during most of this book, though it drops to eleven after she gives up on Divination in mid-April.

After a row, Hermione angrily stalks off into the crowd, while Ron and Harry exit for a walk in the rose garden.

After the dance, Harry finds Ron and Hermione arguing in the Gryffindor common room.

She is far too busy, even with the Time-turner to assist with her scheduling, to have much of a social life, and when we see her she is tired from overwork and snappish.

She is written as a "grind", the sort of person who is obsessed with rules and marks, and is quite unappealing.Ron glowers at Hermione, livid with what the reader recognizes as jealousy, as she dances with Viktor.When she floats over to speak to Ron and Harry, Ron accuses her of "fraternizing with the enemy".In the Hospital Wing, Madam Pomfrey arranges to shrink them to their original size, but Hermione deliberately has her overdo it, so that they are the correct proportion for her face. Ron invites Hermione to be his date (apparently as a last resort), but Hermione already has a date - with Viktor Krum, who had haunted the library to get closer to Hermione.After three hours getting ready for the ball, Hermione is almost unrecognizably pretty.

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