Quest dating line

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The Enjoy gauge consists of 4 bars, correct button presses will increase the gauge by either half a bar, 1 bar or 2 bars.Chat time depends on the Talk time gauge, which decreases after every 2 or 3 successful Enjoy increases.The lines your partner says during a chat are grouped together under two or three chat triggers.

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Once you are chatting with your partner, you have a limited amount of time to please your partner.

The partner will keep talking in nonsensical and poorly translated sentences until you get a prompt to press either the Circle button or the R shoulder button.

Time can also decrease randomly if you press the wrong button, this may also end the chat. Some of them will only get you around 2 to 4 chat triggers, while others seem to pop chat triggers indefinitely.

You can cancel a chat at anytime by pressing the X button. You can reset chat triggers by going to different areas around town.

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