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If you wish to interpret the file name as being relative to the directory in which the executable resides then do that.Form an absolute path from the directory containing the executable and the specified file name.A X-men AU starring Kurt Wagner with a tramatic past and growing up in his Uncle's school fighing for acceptance and the monster inside him.

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Net is useful for displaying large data in a tabular would only do a query once user enters strings to textbox or enters text file to parse.

Ginny Greenwood is one of the most beautiful and dangerous girls Kurt Wagner has ever seen.

With his curiosity towards her and her interests in him make them collide together like magnets.

At the time, other X-Men subsidiary titles were steadily losing sales, and the Nightcrawler title was placed on an hiatus by Marvel in February 2005, following issue #6; it did not resume publishing until June of that year.

Despite the efforts of the creative team with the "The Winding Way" story arc to tie in the previous stories, delve into Nightcrawler's past, and involve other X-Men franchise characters, the series was cancelled with issue twelve.

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