Polycom stuck on updating initial configuration

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This article highlights the standard deployment process of a VVX Series phone and sign in to the device using Lync Enterprise Voice enabled account. Then the device first plugged in to the Po E connection, It comes up with the generic Profile The standard Admin password for VVX Series is 456 and the user password is 123. In Home page, it’ll show you what is the current Firmware configured and information such as the IP and the MAC ID.If the current configured Firmware is not 5.0.xx, then go to “Utilities” and select “Software Upgrades”.Polycom has now made the VVX series phones as Lync Server Compatible.

There have been a few cases where I needed to reconfigure the IP phone even though it appeared to be configured properly.

Now that you have all the files you’ll need for the upgrade, you can start the TFTPD32 executable.

You should see a window similar to the figure to the right.

I was presented with the challenge today of updating the recorded after-hours message of many Lync Response Group workflows through Power Shell.

The process wasn’t well documented anywhere, so I thought I’d publish our end solution.

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