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They must learn to: It's the trust between these two upon which the success of a Scorpio/Pisces relationship depends.

So, it's important for both to remember that the underpinning of the trust in their relationship is open and honest dialogue.

Of course, this doesn't mean there's perfect harmony in the relationship or that it will last forever.

In truth, this tumultuous relationship can end, perhaps over and over again, as quickly and as passionately as it began.

Regardless of how dark, kinky, or forbidden their lovemaking gets, he'll skillfully navigate all the deep, intense emotional waves she stirs up.

Their ability to lose themselves in each other makes their time together in bed simply the best part of this relationship.

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So, if a Scorpio/Pisces love affair becomes too calm, either or both may be tempted to start a fight just to liven up the relationship.There's role-play, mystery, fantasy, pain, pleasure, and a merging into one another that makes their lovemaking magical.The Scorpio woman is fixed water, and it's her nature to be controlling.Fights between these two can be as intense, passionate, and spectacular as their sex life.A Scorpio is marked by the vehemence and the extremity of their emotions, a Pisces man by his acute sensitivity to the moods and emotions of others.

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