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Her age is unknown to me because she gives me a different number each time. Now, since I’ve graduated, I talk to her a lot about how nervous I am to become an adult.

She has been a second mother to me when my mother had to work long hours to support me and my siblings. We have many funny moments like me sitting in the front seat of the car when she’s driving and slap boxing with her in the middle of traffic.

Read More A typical day in the family courthouse consists of hallways filled with parents and children, all waiting anxiously to have their cases heard.

Family dynamics can play a significant role in why a juvenile is actually in the juvenile court system, but they also have a strong influence on what occurs inside the courtroom.

In my high school, Perry Traditional Academy, I realized what had been missing from my textbooks was the history of my culture, knowledge and authenticity.

Of course, I’m gentle, but I can’t say the same about her.

My grandmother has taught me that a person’s good qualities can often outweigh the bad, and I will always love her no matter what. They said, ‘Ty, we gotta take the baby.’” Eleven months have passed since then. But their re-unification hangs on the uncertainty of finding a family that would be willing to adopt both of them. They have three months until Tyneisha loses her parental rights.

YNGBLKPGH ambassadors — beacons of African-American excellence in Pittsburgh — have written letters to the black girls who shared their personal stories with the city through Public Source.

The letters are meant to provide these thoughtful young ladies with insight gained over the years and hope for the future.

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