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You should save the room in your conversation list on Skype.

If you "leave" the room, it means you are no longer a member, and won't be able to get back in without reapplying.

Skype - Mondays - In the reading room on Mondays we read out loud.

Due to time restrictions if the room is full, not everyone will be able to read out loud, but we do try to make sure everyone who attends regularly has a go. This can involve an article or short skit to get people to speak out loud.

If you want to speak type "mic" in the chat window and if it's appropriate the moderator will call you to take the microphone.

You can then talk by clicking on the microphone on your Skype panel and speaking into the mic, (don't forget to mute your mic when you've finished).

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Sometimes we discuss the week's sessions and this gives everyone the chance to speak English freely.The idea of these rooms is that members will be able meet up with each other to chat via text and eventually exchange contact details, maybe even set up chat rooms yourselves where you can practise spoken English together Due to recent abuses of the system, only active members of the forum can apply to join any of the voice sessions on Skype. Once you have 2 stars in the forum, you become a member, and you can send a private message to Lynne in the forum with your Skype id.Lynne will then send you a contact request via Skype and once you have replied to it (in Skype), she will be able to add you to the Meet Up 4 ESL room.LEN sessions run in private rooms, and to join them you have to send the person running the session a private message each week, just before the session starts.We have also set up text chat rooms in Skype called Meet Up 4 ESL.

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