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Againe in the Elder World, that is, Asia, Africa, and Europe, we observe Antiquities and Generalities in the First Booke, one of the last printed, though first placed : universall Circumnavigations (all knowne in that kind) in the Second ; which though they containe many things of America and the South Continent, yet being from and for Europe, and spending most of their time on the Asian and African Coasts, are thither referred : in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth, are Indian Voyages and Affaires of the English, with Portugall and Dutch intercourse ; in which is observed a tolerable order of time from Queene Elizabeths Times to the present.

In the Second Part you have first Africa in Two Bookes The Second (the East Indie ships but touched on the Coasts) the ^'"''• Sixth Booke handling the Northerne parts, whatsoever of Africa is not termed ^Ethiopia, and the seventh the Ethiopian part.

The Sixth (which begins the Fourth Part) Gontaineth English Voyages to America, the Great Bay especially and the Southerne Moytie to the Magellan Straits ; which in the Seventh Booke are more amplified, and further enlarged with the Creatures, and Countries xlvi TO THE READER within Land, the Peruan Antiquities related by one of the Inca Linage, the Spanish Conquest, and other occur- rents of the Peruan America and Terra Australis.

The Eighth Booke comes homeward thorow the Mexican America and Florida unto Canada, relating the French Acts and English beginnings in those parts, touching in the way homeward at the Azores. The English Plantations in New England and Newfound- land follow in the Tenth, with divers Fleets set forth by Queene Elizabeth of famous memory, with whose blessing continued and confirmed by His Majestic, wee commit you to God, and give you leave to rest at home in peace, under the shadow of your owne Vine and Fig-tree, which God for his Christs sake continue and confirme to us and our posteritie. You have here a long Preface to a long Work, and yet you have a longer touching the utilitie thereof in the first Paragraphs of Salomons Ophir.

the Third Booke relateth ; continued in the Fourth with further Discoveries intended for a North or North-^west Passage.

The i Fifth Booke giveth generall Relations of America, in her Mexican or Northerly, and Peruan or Southerly Moyties (with what we could find of the South Continent) their Antiquities and state before, and since the Spanish 0®nqiuest.

But seeing the necessities of the English East Indian Societie have forced such a publication, my sparing purpose had beene in vaine to conceale the Shilling where the Pound was made manifest. For the naturall man, that abides at home in himselfe, and hath not travelled from his owne Wisdome and Selfe-conceit, knowes not the things of God, nor the great Mysteries of Godlinesse ; he must leave the Land, his Earthly Wisdome (Terraque urbesque recedant) and lanch into the deepe, there having his sayles filled with the winde, the illumination of that Spirit, which leads into all truth ; the Scriptures being their Card, the faithful heart the Load-stone, Christ himselfe the Load- starre and Sunne of Truth, as before is intimated.

The First of those Bookes beginning our Third Part, delivereth especially the Authors of Tartaria in the succession of about three hundred yeeres, wherein the Second succeedeth, adding also Japan, Corea and China, with the first Discoveries of the Northerne and Caspian Seas by the English.

This Arctoan Region containing Russia, Nova Zembla, the Samoyeds, Siberia, Island, Frisland, Norway, with the Neighbour Regions, Cherry Hand, Greenland, Greenland, &c.

The Eighth Booke enters into the xlv TO THE READER Continent of Asia ; in the first Chapters relating the History of the Franks (as all Asia since cals the Western Christians) in the Holy Land Wars ; in the later, some Pilgrimages thither and the parts adjoyning, with divers Turkish Observations.

The Ninth proceedeth thorow the mayne land of Asia into Persia, Arabia, India, taking large view of those and other Asian Regions, retu Tning by Africa with later and iarger intelligence of the Easterne, Westerne and Northerne shores thereof; New view of the Turkish.

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