Park gyuri dating dating a girl 3 years younger than me

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In the past when Eunhyuk was a trainee, he had a chance to be close with Bo A with filling her song with rap part.Unfortunately, as he already practiced so many times, the producers decided the rap part was unnecessary and Eunhyuk just filled in as dancers.He said that they were really close before, and they often go to board game room together.Mischievously he said, “Back then, Sooyoung liked me a little.” Respond to this statement Sooyoung suddenly replied, “It wasn’t Eunhyuk that I liked, it was the board games! Eunhyuk also said that the first time he saw Sooyoung in her photoshoot, Sooyoung was so pretty with her long hair and looked like a Barbie doll.along with other members of Super Junior, he revealed his relationship with Bo A, a South Korean solo singer under the SM Entertainment.

In short, she’s living a life of leisure and luxury after so many years of hard work!He thought that she was the prettiest out of all the SNSD members.People assumed that he fell in love in a first sight.Everyone including Gyuri was shocked by this statement.Gyuri spontaneously asked Eunhyuk, “By any chance, are you interested in me?

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