Overweight teen dating

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The development of healthy relationships and sexual behaviors is a developmental milestone of adolescence.

More alarmingly when looking at extreme obesity, defined as body mass index (BMI) at or above 120% of the sex-specified 95%ile on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) BMI growth curve, the prevalence has tripled in the adolescent age group while remaining stable in the younger age groups.Among key areas of developmental focus during adolescence include: development of positive body image, formation of peer groups, development of sexual identity, and creation of intimacy within relationships [6].It is well understood that adolescents with chronic illnesses are at risk for problems with body image and self-esteem [6].Additionally an overweight adolescent is 11 times more likely to become an obese adult while an obese adolescent is 49 times more likely to become an obese adult in comparison to a healthy weight peer [4].Thus overweight or obese weight status during adolescence are significant precursors to adult obesity [5].

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