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Massachusetts and Connecticut cited their colonial charters, when they claimed lands north of the Ohio River within the boundaries of Virginia's 1612 charter Source: Bureau of Land Management, A History of the Rectangular Survey System: Volume 2 (Figure 2) Once Virginia became an independent state, its western boundary was minimized first by a 1781 voluntary land cession of the territory past the Ohio River to the Confederation Congress.That was followed by creation of the State of Kentucky in 1792, then the splitting off of West Virginia during the 1861-65 Civil War.And no purchases of lands shall be made of the Indian natives, but on behalf of the public, by authority of the General Assembly.boundaries of Virginia in 1784, after ceding northwestern land claims to the national government but before the creation of Kentucky (1792) or West Virginia (1863) Source: National Atlas In addition to Virginia, other colonies were constrained by the Proclamation of 1763.The western edge of authorized settlement was moved through negotiations with the Cherokee (1768 Treaty of Hard Labor, followed by the 1770 Treaty of Lochaber in 1770) and the Iroquois (1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix).Those treaties opened most of the desirable land in the Ohio River watershed for colonial settlement, though Shawnee and other nations disputed the authority of the Cherokee and Iroquois to permit colonial settlement there.

That proclamation settlement in the Mississippi River watershed, where the French had relinquished their claims in the 1763 Treaty of Paris that ended the Seven Years War.

Virginia's Illinois County was created in 1778, based on the conquest by George Rogers Clark and citing claims dating back to the 1609 charter, but that land was ceded to the new United States in 1783 and become the Northwest Territory when the US Congress accepted the land cession in 1784 Map Source: ESRI, Arc GIS Online When English kings created other colonies such as Maryland and Carolina, they changed the northern and southern boundaries of Virginia.

Grants to other colonies included overlapping claims to western lands.

Virginia's land claims shrank from the 1609 Second Charter grant "from sea to sea, west and northwest" until the formation of the State of West Virginia in 1863 Source: Virginia Geographic Alliance, Virginia Land Claims (derived from Map 28 in "An Atlas of Virginia") What the king granted to a few well-connected friends in the Virginia Company, the king could take away.

The boundaries of the colony were modified by various actions of the king, from the creation of Maryland in 1632 through the Quebec Act of 1774.

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