My life love dating brazil

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You have to go to Brazil and interact with these girls to fully comprehend.It’s the personality of Brazilian women that is so intoxicating and what sucks men in and makes them return year after year.The truth about Brazilian women is a little more complicated and I’ll explain why in this article.I’ll start with a breakdown of what Brazilian girls are like, then explain what type of game and look you need to be successful followed by how to put that game into practice.If you like white girls, focus your efforts on the South.Girls in the North of the country are darker and you will have more exotic value as a white guy but you will need solid Portuguese to communicate.I once had a “game off” with a Brazilian guy in Bogota over a Colombian girl.

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You’ll learn a lot watching Brazilian naturals; those guys are aggressive so you won’t win any points for pussy footing around with the local women.

For example: Basic Bitch: Give Latina women a straight answer otherwise you will come across as a dick.

One more thing: don’t make the mistake of going to Brazil expecting being white or being a gringo to be enough.

If a Brazilian girls likes you, they will be open about showing it.

Public display of affection are very common and mind games are unnecessary with the women of Brazil.

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