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Taking down one (taboo) romantic cliché at a time, see also: Hot For Preacher: Tempted Religious Leaders on Film.

I want to focus on fictional, semi-positive (= consensual, although I realise that's debatable when minors are concerned) depictions of student-teacher/tutor/coach-affairs. I'm interested in comparing what function these romances serve: in screenplays these affairs offer a sheltered place to thrive, to discover life at the hand of someone more knowledgeable, but they are often not meant to last, serving only as a stepping stone for the student character.

La Belle Personne/The Beautiful Person (2008) Junie (Léa Seydoux) is pursued by her Italian teacher Nemours (Louis Garrel).

Daydream Nation (2010) Caroline Wexler (Kat Dennings) has a fling with her English teacher Barry Anderson (Josh Lucas).

We loathe them when they hurt their students and their families.

Some of the most remarkable are those who are kind and forgetful…lost in their academic musings.

Molly Maxwell (2015) Molly (Lola Tash) has a forbidden relationship with her English teacher, Ben Carter (Charlie Carrick).

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The Romantic Age/Naughty Arlette (1949) Arlette (Mai Zetterling) seduces her middle-aged art master, Arnold Dickson (Hugh Williams).These are often overly romanticised portrayals that usually skirt around the issues of consent and the power imbalance inherent in the relationship., I was around the same age as Aria Montgomery, played in the show by Lucy Hale.If you’re looking for more specific results, you can use filters to refine your professor ratings search and enhance your search experience.Share relevant professor ratings with classmates to make the search process even faster for them.

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