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League of Legends World Championship 2016 is coming soon to North America.

Whether you are a fan of popular cosplay costumes or unusual Halloween ones such as sexy corpse bride costume, we all can agree that league of legends costumes are stunning, especially in combination with such beautiful and talented female artists.

However, the developer is not just interested in the sex appeal, and especially not if it goes against the theme of the champion in question.

“The key is the character’s looks HAVE TO MAKE SENSE,” explained the developer.

There is Miss Fortune, Morgana, Ahri, Syndra, Elise, Katarina, Ashe, Janna, Sona, and more.

Riot Games believes that it is time to end the hiatus and make another female champion that forces jaws to drop.

“Visuals should support the overall theme of a character, not be there in spite of it.

The way Caitlyn looks makes no sense for a prim and proper sheriff.

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aka Zombie Bait I tested 3 ages for these gorgeous young ladies: Age 28 , 34 & 45 Francesca – Age 34 I set the bait then checked it the next day. Now as a male player I've noticed that it seems there's a LOT of attractive females skins and champs and I never paid much attention to it because I assumed it went both ways. Now It seems to me that you disproportionately sexualize female characters more than male but that seems like a broad statement so allow me to specify: You made 3 female characters whose lore literally includes and promotes being seductive and hot despite no male character even coming close to matching that lore and the fact that I can't even find one male character with some kind of seductive or even succubus adjacent lore.But ya know let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say that society doesn't really have male characters like that nearly as much as they do female.“Having a large variety of female and male characters is really good for us.Lets us hit a ton of different niches which is important with a roster as big as ours.” League of Legends already features a number of female champions, and most of them do categorize as attractive.

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