Live updating operating systems using virtualization

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First, updatable units in an operating system need to be easily defined.For an operating system using an objectoriented approach such as K42, an object is a natural updatable unit.Under such circumstances, emergency patches and updates need to be indefinitely postponed, exposing the whole system to possible attacks or corruption.

Otherwise, the operating system may result in an inconsistent state.This necessitates an efficient way to track the states of the operating system, for example, using a reference counter to track the number of threads executing in an updatable unit.Finally, an effective approach is required to redirect invocations from the original unit to the newly updated unit after a dynamic patch is applied.I am seeking solutions to improve the dependability and scalability of computer systems, crossing hardware, virtualization, operating systems and runtime environment.Recently, I have some special interests in system virtualization and multi-core related research.

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