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She made history when she became the first female correspondent of Officer Christopher Dorman was taken off guard when he participated in a big-time drug bust.

After being shot seven times, Dorman ended up in the hospital and missed out on the Kenny Chesney concert he planned on attending that night.

Taking a risk, 50 Cent vowed to retire if Kanye came out on top.

Just as things were heated enough, Kenny got involved in the trash talk and announced that he was also releasing a new album that same day.

When someone doubts or undermines your talents, it does hurt, but it also makes you stronger.

Nowadays, Kenny writes love songs and woos women with the alluring sounds of his deep voice and classical guitar.

According to TMZ, Reese Witherspoon donated ,000 to the charities just to join Kenny Chesney and duet with him.

They sang an acoustic version of “Jackson” by Johnny Cash, which luckily, Witherspoon was prepared for, as she previously got an Oscar for playing June Carter Cash in Most artists experience rejection at some point in their career, especially in the beginning.

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Similarly, at a 2013 concert, 73 people were arrested and 30 tons of trash were left behind in the parking lot.Aside from bragging about being with over 100 women, Kenny said once, “There were years when I had a better summer than A-Rod, buddy. I got on the boards quite often.” If you’re familiar with Kanye West and 50 Cent, you’ll know that these two huge hip-hop stars are always in a contest with one other.In 2007, the two rappers decided to hold a public competition to see whose newly released album would sell more.When Chesney heard about the incident, he paid tribute to him by mentioning him in front of the 70,000 fans who were standing in Lincoln Financial Field.He got carried away when he said the officer had passed, but later made it up by apologizing to the officer and inviting him for a beer.

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