Inu yasha dating quizzes

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Even when Inuyasha left to go find Kikyō, Kagome still loved Inuyasha, but even when he did leave, he was shown to love Kagome more and have stronger feelings for her, than he did for Kikyō.

The relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome grew stronger throughout the series.

Kagome eventually left her original time to live with Inuyasha as his wife and with her friends.

Kagome began training under Kaede to take on the official role of a priestess and adapt to her new life in the past.

After he revealed to the Inu-gang and Naraku is the one who killed Kikyō, Miroku also joined them.

After she was forced to return to the modern era when Inuyasha took the Shikon Jewel to prevent Kagome from returning, she manages to return to the feudal era.

It often caused fights to erupt between Inuyasha and Kōga, and Inuyasha and Kagome as well.

Followed by Miroku, whose grandfather and father had a cursed wind-tunnel in their right hands which he inherited, who met Kagome and Inuyasha when he attempted to steal the shards from Kagome.Later Kagome found out that Kōga and other wolf tribe were suffering from the attack of the Birds of Paradise so she agreed to help them.After caught seeing that Inuyasha hugged Kikyō, which left Kagome's mind of heartbreak and put hiatus of feudal era.Mistress Centipede consumed the Jewel and used it to increase her power.In a desperate attempt to stop her, Kagome pulled the arrow from Inuyasha and released him from the spell, after which he quickly dispatched the centipede demon.

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