Introduction online dating email

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The best way to do that is to simply make it as personal as possible.

People open emails with Re(2) as the subject line because it is personal – they are responding to your initial email. Another thing you don’t want to do is to send factual emails.

Make sure you re read it a couple of times to be sure it doesn’t come off sounding either cheesy or desperate.

Avoid using words such as need or want as they have a habit of making the email sound desperate.Online dating moves fast so be prepared to log into your dating site at least once a week.You don’t have to knock the socks of a women or man with your first hit so don’t go writing a first, second and third draft!Delete any clichés Here are some quick and dirty dating introduction templates. Hey/Howdy/Hi (Her Name), I noticed your profile and it looks like we have some common interests!I also love live plays and drama and regularly attend the [insert local event here]…

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