Internet dating do and don ts

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While it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet individuals that you usually wouldn’t, it’s not without risks.That’s why we’ve written a list of dos and don’ts to keep you safe online so you can focus on the fun part – falling in love.

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This might seem like common sense to some, but believe me, it’s not. We’re young, none of us have very much life experience — though at Trinity, we’ve probably done a whole lot!

DO choose a public place for your first date It’s sensible to choose a public place as your first date spot – a central coffee shop or busy local bar are good options.

Not only is it a more comfortable setting for the two of you to meet (it takes some of the pressure off) but it’s also safer.

Use a friend, family member or coach to help proof your profile. You will most likely need to write a “no thank you” email at some point. That’s a sure-fire way to miss a possible real connection.

They can provide valuable feedback for content and point out typos and grammar errors as well. Don’t shave numbers off your age, try to stuff that body into a different body type classification, or give yourself a big, fat raise. Seriously, do you really want to make someone call you on it face to face? So before you even start your dating process, write up a few kind, short rejection emails and store them in a Word document. I’m Wendy Newman, a media-celebrated author & trusted dating, sex & relationship advisor.

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